Move Apps To SD Card With DroidSail Super App2SD PRO - ROOT

It is a super APP2SD tool for ROOTed user (Android 2.2 and above), which could force move more apps (even those apps marked with internal only ๐Ÿ™‚ to SD card (or move back phone) and save more space than normal App2SD apps.
Have you ever run out of disk space while installing new apps in your Android device? Did you try to free up the disk space by moving apps to SD card but failed to move the apps which were marked internal only? Then DroidSail Super App2SD Pro is the best bet for you.

Move Apps To SD Card With DroidSail Super App2SD PRO - ROOT
Super App2SD Pro literally moves all the apps from internal storage to SD card, even the apps which were marked as internal only by the system. DroidSail Super App2SD Pro can also free up disk space by clearing app cache by just a tap. This app requires a rooted Android device, v2.2 and above to work.

Features of DroidSail Super App2SD Pro:

  • Move apps to SD card (even those which are marked with internal only)
  • Perform batch actions.
  • Clear all app cache by just a tap.
  • Set default install location of apps (install apps to SD card)
  • Show total, used and left space on phone or SD card.
Move Apps To SD Card With DroidSail Super App2SD PRO - ROOT

Move Apps To SD Card With DroidSail Super App2SD PRO - ROOT

Using DroidSail Super App2SD Pro to move apps to SD card:

  1. Open up DroidSail Super App2SD Lite.
  2. Slide to the menu which reads “Move To SD”. This menu list all the apps (including internal only).
  3. Select the apps you want to move to SD card or tap on the check box below for selecting all the apps at once.
  4. Tap on “Move Selected Apps” and you are done.

System Requirement:

1. A ROOTed phone;
2. USB debugging enabled (Go to System Settings->Application->Developemnt->USB debugging);


Some app which has widget/alarm/wallpaper/InputMethod in using is not recommanded to be moved to SD card, which may cause problem.

Clearing app cache with DroidSail Super App2SD:

You can clear the cache of all apps by going to the sub menu of the app and tapping on Clear Cache.

Downloading and installing DroidSail Super App2SD Pro:

download DroidSail Super App2SD Last Version Lite

You can try out this app if you have a rooted Android device (v2.2 and above).
with a lite free version from Google Play Store

download DroidSail Super App2SD Pro 7.5

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