Unlock or Reset a Pattern Screen Lock on Android

Unlock/Reset a Pattern Screen Lock on an Android Device How To Unlock/Reset a Pattern Screen Lock on an Android Device - Step By Step Simple Guide
Build-in pattern lock tool is useful for adding an extra layer of security to your Android smartphone. What happen if you forgot your pattern and want to know how to unlock android phone or tablet? Pattern lock is very important for those who have sensitive data or have personal files in their android devices. This will help you to prevent your device from unauthorized use but the trouble starts when you forget it.
Unlock or Reset a Pattern Screen Lock on Android

Unlock/Reset Android Pattern lock without Gmail or Internet Connection

By yourself or by anyone your phone got locked after many pattern attempts?
 Resolve it here. After too many attempts you need to keep your device apart timer will starts to count cycles. Once timer completes time cycles try again with remembered password.
Still you are unable to unlock pattern lock or Want to get instant access see next method which might be useful to you.

Unlock pattern without Google account (Using Factory Reset)

In this tutorial will show you how to unlock and reset your android device lock pattern if you have forgotten your lock patter. Just follow these simple steps to unlock your phone and use again free of cost.
Just switch off you android phone and then wait for second to switched of it.
Now hold this buttons all together at the same time “Volume up + Home Key + Power Button” until the phone boots (if you device doesn’t have a home button just hold together volume up key and power key
Now a screen like DOS will come up with different options
Use the volume key to move up and down then scroll down to “Restore Factory Defaults” or “Delete all User Data” depending on which is on your device.
After clicking on the settings above, now scroll down to “Reboot System Now ” and wait for your phone to reboot.
Important: This method deletes all your data and apps. 
In step 2 of this method we use three keys Volume up, power and home. But in some phones home is not available so you can press Volume up and down with power button. Here we are not going to tell you all combination of buttons for factory reset. So you can search for your specified android smartphone or tablet.

Use your Google account for unlocking

In this case to unlock android pattern lock you will be using your gmail credentials registered with google play store.
When you try different patterns and unable to unlock your phone in five attempts. Then a message pop-up and shows two buttons “next” and “try again”.
Now click on “next” button and you see two options for unlocking phone. One is answer the security question and the second option is to provide Google account details.
Mostly people don’t set a security question. But if you set it then simply answer the question and unlock your device quickly. Otherwise check the Google account option and click “next”.
Now provide your Google account username and password attached with your device and click on “sign in”.
After that you are directed to choose new pattern and now you can unlock with this pattern.

Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Data lost

If you chosen this method you need to have some knowledge on Android Settings Navigation. Proceed at your own Risk.
1st Download Aroma File Manager: Click here!
Download Aroma File Manager and Store into the Memory card. Soon you did it place this memory card in locked Smartphone.
Now Boot into “Recovery mode” ie by pressing and holding Volume Up Button and Power button simultaneously. In some mobiles third button Volume Down is also required to hold.
After this Use “Volume up” and “Volume down” keys to navigate and “Power button” to Select.
Select “Install Zip from SD Card” which lets you to install Aroma File Manager from SD card. After Installing you will be in recovery mode.
Now navigate to Settings from Aroma manager and click on “Automount all devices on start” which is at bottom and exit.

Again you will be taken to recovery mode select again “Install Zip from SD Card”.
Now navigate to Data Folder –>>System Folder — >> “gesture.key” or “password.key”.
Delete the file and then exit aroma file manager and reboot your android device.
Now you will be asked to draw pattern don’t panic draw any pattern and your android device will open and remember that pattern for further attempts.

These are the Best suitable methods Preferred to Unlock Android Pattern Lock on any Android Devices. Share this article on your social networks whether it was useful.

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