Best Black Friday Phones offers 2016

The Best Black Friday Phone Deals 2016 are here from most of the popular online store like Amazon, Bestbuy, Walmart, etc. Best Black Friday Phones offers 2016
The Black Friday is here again to provide you the Smartphone at a much cheaper rate. Many users constantly keep on waiting for this day. Many of the companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and Wallmart, etc. have the black Friday deals where they offer amazing discounts to their customers over the mobile phones.

Predicted prices of the available mobile phones at Best Black Friday Phone Deals 2016

So people, what are you expecting from Black Friday Phone deals 2016 this time? If you want to know all the prices of the available mobile phones in the year 2016 then have a look at below-covered information. But please have a note that these prices are just a predicted rate, and some ups and downs can come while you go for buying them from the black friday promotions.

The phone predictions follow these rates:

  • The Motorola Moto G4 whose actual price is around $200 will be coming for around $100 which is just half the rate. Going crazy? Scroll below!
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is going to be available for around $300.
  • HTC One M10 will be there for approximately $300.
  • The LG G5 is going to be available at $480
  • Other budget Android phones will be present for just a subtle price of $75.
  • One of the superb discounts, please don’t be shocked viewers! iPhone 6S for just $1.

Best Black Friday Phone Deals 2016 – Amazon, Bestbuy, Walmart

The Android Smartphone are still in one advantage, and that is the price. Have a look at the Motorola Moto G4; this is highly praised Android phone due to its amazingly low budget. As we just saw in the month of July, the rates of the Motorola mobile was just $150, but Black Friday could bring it in $100 which is the craziest price for the phone that works on the Android platform with the nice Marshmallow update. Another best option comes with Huawei Honor 5X which comes up at the same price as the Motorola Moto G.

If we talk about the Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 920 is just available for $90 which is a very amazing and cheap price. Although, we can say that these phones are not the perfect ones but of course they are the reliable option that relates to your budget if you do not need a handset which is top-tier. These sets can even go for $75, and they can go even more beyond this price. So, you get a fantastic choice to select the one that will suit your budget as well as your choice.

If we talk of the iPhones, they were available at the discount of $100 last year. But if we look today, many new modifications have been done by Apple, and thus there are chances that the rates this time may go high, but iPhone 6s can come up at $1. Have a note that iPhone 7 is not going to be available on this offer.

It is a surety that looking at these prices you would have been astonished. So keep waiting for this beautiful day.
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