how to find out the date a picture was taken on android

Pictures photos and camera are the most important tools in any android smartphone, you may pick up as a user of the phone at least from a picture to 10 a day, this makes programmers thinking to provide more tools related to pictures, and here with talk about an application or program let you know the date of taking photo or know the type of camera that was taken As well as many other information about this image.

how to find out the date a picture was taken on android
The Camera Roll - Gallery application works on all Android phones and allows you to know all the details you want about your pictures. after installing it on the phone , you need just to open it and then look for the picture you want and the application will give you all details such as dimensions, date, phone or device, and more useful information.

Download Camera Roll - Gallery:

Camera Roll - Gallery is one of the best applications that help you to know all informations about your photos, and you will certainly need it a day, as you can be sure of the date of taking any picture. The application is available for free on the official Google Play Store via the following link:
Camera Roll - Gallery

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