How to use Nipper App on android to hack websites

Here is a tutorial about How to use Nipper App on android to hack websites and direct link to download it for free
Hi everybody, and welcome again to Enphones blog, today we have new tutorial about hacking or exactly about checking of websites security using a small android tool called Nipper - Toolkit Web Scan APK, so, how to download nipper apk? how to use nipper to hack a website? what can nipper app do? stay with us!

How to use Nipper App on android to hack websites

If you are a follower of hacking news, espionage and protection news, you must have encountered the name of the NIPPER App, which is very famous and has been very successful and highly rate by its users. it is a a small application for penetrating websites, especially content management sites (CMS), Which uses WordPress, Drupal Joomla ... with this small tool you can check and discover loopholes and get information about any URL you want to hack.

Before entering to Nipper explanation section, we want to make sure that this application is 100% free and is officially available on the Google Play store. We will also suggest a direct link to download it as an apk file. We also point out that Nipper - Toolkit Web Scan is currently for Android OS only.

Technical information:

  • Name: Nipper - Toolkit Web Scan
  • Size: less than 2MB
  • Compatible with: Android 3.0 and newer
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5
  • Current version: 1.4
  • Category: Website penetration testing.

Nipper App tools:

Even if Nipper is currently in its first version, it offers many tools to test the penetration of websites that use the famous platforms, and the tools contained in the application:
  • Server IP Identifies the IP address of a specific URL.
  • Detect & CMS Version: Detects and identifies the version and CMS system.
  • DNS Lookup: Get the DNS information from a URL.
  • IP ports Nmap SERVER: Scan the ports of a website.
  • Users Enumeration: Enumeration WordPress user.
  • Plugins Enumeration: Enumeration of WordPress Plugins.
  • Find CMS Core Exploit: Search core vulnerabilities in CMS.
  • Find Exploit DB: search vulnerabilities.
  • CloudFlare Solve: Identify the true IP address.
  • Identification of Theme: detects and identifies WordPress theme of a website.
  • Detection of CMS Advanced
  • Brute Force Attack (WordPress)

How to use Nipper App?

Nipper does not need any privileges on your android phone, so it can be trusted, It does not access to any information on your phone other than Internet access to be able to check sites online, it does not need root access like other hacking applications:

1. First, download and install Nipper from the link below.

2. Next, open Nipper from your Luncher menu to find the following interface:

How to use Nipper App on android to hack websites
3. Enter the URL (for the victim site). Then press the "Play" button, so the app scan the target and displays site's IP address along with some other information:

4. Then, you can use one of the Nipper tools, which varies depending on the type of the CMS script used on the site, such as:
  • DNS Lookup: Identify the domain name servers of the target site.
  • Nmap: Scan the target for open ports.
  • If your target is a WordPress site, you will see some additional modules such as Enumeration Users, Plugin Enumeration, Theme Identify and Core Analysis.
  • If your target is a Drupal powered site, you will see an extra module called "Modules Drupal".

Download Nipper App apk:

As i mentioned, Nipper program is available for free on the official store Google Play, and you can download it directly from the first link through the store, you can also download the latest version as an apk file via direct link by clicking the second download button:
Nipper - Toolkit Web Scan

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