Odin Fail! problem solved - Firmware upgrade encountered an issue

Hi everyone! seems you are interested in the world of smartphone maintenance, do you know what is the most annoying and scary thing in galaxy smartphones? I will say without a doubt that it when you see the screen below on your Samsung Galaxy phone, when you encounter the message "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again". that happened when you tried to install new rom update, downgrade on a custom rom on your android device.
Odin Fail! problem solved -

Here, we will help you to solve this problem and Odin Fail on Galaxy android phones, usually, this error occurs on Galaxy devices when you try to flash your phone, to update your android system or to install a custom ROM using Odin application, and so on. But why might this be so annoying? Of course, because you find yourself helpless and do not know what you can do, I have recently passed this experience, that why I am writing this tutorial, so I will help you to solve this popular odin problem and bypass Odin FAIL error message.

Odin Fail problem:

Let start from my experience, when I was trying to downgrade my old Galaxy phone to an old os version using Odin, I regardless of the error in my phone, this message will often face "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again" and your phone will not be able to start, and even go to recovery mode and will not work at all. On the other hand, you will get an error message if you trying to flash the device using Odin program which says" FAIL!" in a scary red interface. Now the only thing we can do with your phone is to enter bootloader mode and Download Mode.
Odin Fail problem

The problem is that you can also get this error even if you try to install the official ROM. and the only option to solve this problem is to use Samsung Kies to flash the official rom directly from samsung server, but in most cases, even Kies app does not recognize the device, so this solution may not be possible.

How to solve Odin Fail problem:

 If so, how can we solve this and fix your Galaxy Smartphone system, no worry, just follow these steps:

1. To solve this problem, first you must enter the phone to "Download Mode". To do it on any Galaxy phone, you need to press and hold the "Volume Down" + "Home Button" + "Power Button" at the same time until you see your phone model number on the screen. When you see model number, lift your finger on the "power button" And then click on the "Volume Up" button to continue and enter the download mode.
Odin Fail problem

2. Suppose you entered the download mode, let's now go to download the necessary files you will need to resolve this problem. First, download the TWRP and TWIN file from the links below.
If you do not find your device's TWRP file, search for it in the search box or on Google.

3. Now open the Odin program from the Odin folder you downloaded, and connect your phone using a USB cable to your computer. If you receive an "added" message on the Odin program, it means that the connection is successful and you know the phone's ID, and if you do not get it, make sure that you have installed the Samsung USB drivers for your phone.

Odin Fail! problem solved -

4. Once done, please click the "AP" button in the Odin program and select the "tar.md5" recovery file that you downloaded.

Odin Fail! problem solved

5. Now click "Start" to start installing the custom update file to the Galaxy. Once the flash is complete, you will receive a green "Pass" message from the Odin program as shown in the following image.

that all, and now your Galaxy will restart and it will run normally and will work with you, and in this way you will have solved the Oudin problem. If we explained how to solve the problem of Oden's failure on the Galaxy phone really helped you, please comment your phone type in the comments box below.

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