Why instagram videos not playing on android device?

Instagram allows users to watch different kinds of video and share others, but sometimes users complain that videos on instagram fail to play, and assuredly, wasting a lot of time to wait for a video loading would be a bad experience for users. if you are facing that, we are here to help you get rid of this trouble, so why instagram videos not playing on android device sometime? we would like to show you some tips to fix Instagram video not playing trouble on Android here.

Why instagram videos not playing on android?

Instagram is an online photos videos sharing and social networking service that lets users share and play videos, if you have some troubles with playing instagram videos, so there is one of this reasons:
  • Bad internet connection: If your internet connection is poor or unstable, it will cost a long time to load the video or you will not be able to play or watch the video on Instagram at all.
  • Old Instagram version: an old version of Instagram will affect the smooth running of the App. In addition, the cached data of the Instagram will interrupt the operation of the App and device as well.
  • Power saving mode: The power saving mode on mobile will disable all the network connection or current consuming applications on your device and video is included.
  • Invalid or deleted video: It is possible that the video is deleted before you watch it so you are unable to play it.
  • Full storage: When the free storage space on your phone is very small, the videos won't be able to play.

How to solve instagram videos won't play problem?

No matter what kind of problem your phone or your instagram app meets, we can figure out several solutions actually and you can try them in the order, it's will must solve your instagram videos playing problem:

1. Restart your Android device:

Restarting your android device is the mighty way to fix  instagram videos won't play problem. this means is appropriate for this issue as well. Just simply press the Power button of your phone to turn it off and wait a second. Then hold down the Power key once again to boot the device. After that, you can go to Instagram to see whether the videos can be played normally on it.

2. Adjust the network connection

The second basic way is to check or reconnect the network connection on your phone. The easiest way is to swipe down the Home screen to enter the control center of the device. Then you can find out and tap on the icon of Wi-fi or cellular data to switch them off easily. Next, click on them again to turn them on. This process can fresh the network connection on your phone.

3. Disable power saving mode

If you have enabled power saving mode on your phone, you need to turn it off at first then the video can play normally on the device. Here, for different Android version, you have different ways to switch off the mode.

4. Clear caches of Instagram

The next method you can try to solve the problem is to clear the caches of Instagram. To complete that, you only need to:

  • Click the icon of Settings on Home screen and select Apps in this section.
  • Then a list of applications will displayed on the screen. Just find Instagram from the listed options.
  • After that, just choose Storage and tap on Clear caches to remove them.

5. Remove and reinstall Instagram

Except for restarting the device, here is another way to fix the bugs- reinstall the application. But this time, you should download and install the latest version of Instagram.
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