Download Youtube ++ for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

Here you can Download and install Youtube ++ for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak on all ios devices ios 12, ios 13 for free
When it comes to the video websites and apps, YouTube is the best platform where you can find all kinds of videos, from funny videos to vlogs and songs from famous artists as well as explanations, lessons and international courses.

Download Youtube ++ for iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

If you are using YouTube app for iOS on iPhone or iPad, then you are not getting all the required features, there are a bunch of features missing from the official youtube app on iOS. Fortunately, there are external youtube plus apps to solve this problem. Perhaps the most famous of these is YouTube ++ for ios iPhone.

YouTube ++ is the most popular alternative YouTube app on iPhone, which adds a lot of exciting new features to YouTube, which makes using the application more enjoyable.

YouTube ++ download features for iPhone:

  • Download YouTube videos
  • Block ads
  • Play video / music in the background
  • Adjust video playback speed (0.5x - 2.0x)
  • Automatically restart videos
  • Disable age restrictions
  • Default playback quality
  • Audio player for downloaded videos
  • Convert video or audio
  • And much more!

These were some of the features provided by the YouTube ++ app. There is also a host of other features that this program offers that you must discover on your iPhone or iPad.

How to install YouTube ++ via Cydia Impactor:

Of course, because of the application provides the ability to download videos from YouTube on iPhone, it is contrary to the policies of Google and Apple Store, therefore cannot find it or any similar apps on Google Play or the Apple Store, so you will need to install youtube ++ ios externally via a IPA file, just follow the guide in the next section below to learn how to download YouTube ++ to your iPhone using Cydia Impactor.

Step 1: Download YouTube ++ IPA file into your computer.

Step 2: Go to the this website and download Cydia Impactor

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to the computer using USB cable.

Step 4: Open Cydia Impactor tool.

Step 5: Drag and drop the IPA file of the YouTube Plus downloaded in Step 1 on Cydia Impactor.

Step 6: Cydia Impactor will ask for your Apple ID and password, which is verified with Apple only and used to sign the IPA file.

Step 7: After installing the app, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (or “Device Manager” / “Profiles and Device Management”). Find and open the profile with your Apple ID.

Step 8: Click on the Trust button.

Step 9: Open the app and enjoy it.

Thus, you will be able to download the YouTube Plus program on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak easily. Of course, there was an easier way to install the application directly from the Safari browser, except that Apple blocked the certificate and became the only way to get YouTube Plus on the iPhone is to install it via a computer using the Cydia Impactor tool.

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