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Thank you for visiting this page, we really appreciate your concerns and concerns about the privacy of your data on the Internet, so this privacy policy page has been prepared, so that you are fully aware of the nature of the data we collect from you when you visit our website Enphones and how we deal with this personal data .

Privacy policy:

Dear visitors of enphones Blog, we have not designed this site in order to collect your personal data from your computer while you browse or to spy on your data and commercially exploited, all our site revolves around the posts or topics we write in the field of smart phones for the purpose of informing you only, This is a summary of our privacy policy.

Log file system

Sometimes, we try to look at some of the technical information about visitors that Google Analytics provides, such as country, device, browser, date, time and language. All of this data is collected on a single basis, which is to determine the future of the site and develop it. We have to do to provide what you are looking for.
Make sure that the purpose of this information collection is to improve the service and we do not share or sell this information.

Cookies and network settings

Enphones does not use cookies to store information about visitors, but uses a special log of the user to record specific information about the pages accessed, this allows us to know the extent of the interests of visitors and any topics most favored by them so that we can in turn develop our appropriate content for them .

Adsense Ads:

All of our income depends primarily on advertising, and we use only ads Google AdSense, our advertising company may use some of this information in order to improve advertising on our site.

Of course, such advertisers have the right to use technical means (such as cookies, network settings and special software codes such as JavaScript) for the same purposes mentioned above, which is to develop the advertising content of these companies and measure the effectiveness of these ads, without any other objectives may harm or With another Shockwave.
Here we explain:
Google AdSense, an advertiser on our site, is a third-party privacy policy that uses cookies to improve the quality of advertising and measure its effectiveness.According to our agreements, Google AdSense may use technology such as cookies, network settings, and special software codes such as JavaScript. Purposes above.
Google AdSense uses the DART cookie to improve the service of ads based on certain visitor standards such as visiting this or other sites.

Users can opt out of the use of the DART cookie on this page http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/

To review the Google AdSense Privacy Policy at

External Links:

Our site includes many external links that draw you to other sites for download or for some purpose, these links can be within the subject of the article or in the form of advertising such as Google AdSense as mentioned earlier.

We are not responsible in any way for the policies of other third-party sites and we are not responsible for the data collection methods of those sites. You may view the privacy policies and content of those websites accessed through any link within this site.

When contacting us:

We provide you with the ability to correspond to the management of the Enphones site, and we are fully committed to the fact that the data or content of messages received by e-mail, remain strictly confidential and can not in any way reach any party other than the management of the Enphones site.
It should be noted that the Enphones Privacy Policy accepts renewal at any time.

Thanks for your trust, we are waiting for your opinions and suggestions, I have no hesitate to contact us.